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tracking is back!?

That’s right party people, that crazy internet fad known as Tracking started by Brock of UvT along with Mrod, and fully endorsed by Common himself, is finally back.

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Common is down with Tracking

If you don’t know what Tracking is yet go kill yourself┬ácheck it out on UvT and Mrod. Basically take an animated gif, pick a song, pair the 2.

Moving on

Peep this tweet straight from Commons twitter

That’s right party people Tracking has an unofficial celebrity endorsement. Common is down with the tracking movement that’s sweeping the blogosphere.

This calls for a celebration. Dropping another 2 Track post. Check them out after the jump. Continue reading

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Tracking is here to stay.

Alright if you’ve been living under a rock and Don’t know what Tracking is let me enlighten you. UvT and Mrod have started a new internet sensation that is simply putting music to an animated gif…and it’s awesome. We’ve been going back and forth with each other trying to one up the previous post. MRod came hard with it and UvT threw it down with an Espys related track. I gotta step my game up so that’s why I’m dropping 2 in todays post. Check it after the jump.

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