Ass Shaking Videos vs. BET Uncut

Now back in high school it was all about stayin up late on the weekends to catch BET Uncut. Now if you don’t know anything about BET Uncut… it was all about ass shaking videos. See the kids now a days don’t have that luxury because the world is all about being politically correct and yadda yadda yadda. The thing about BET Uncut was that it came on at 2am and lasted till around 4am. Perfect for coming home twisted and wanting to see something a tad beyond a girlsgonewild infomercial…

Thats where BET Uncut comes in. What was great about BET Uncut was the fact that it worked on two levels. One level was if you were alone and legitimately wanted to see some ass shaking videos…The second level was when you wanted to see some of the most obnoxious music videos EVER made. All you need are three things:
1) Cameras
2) At least one overweight black dude rapping the worst lyrics EVER…
3) Skrippers
I’ll hit you with the disclaimer now because I do not want to be held responsible for you pressing play on these videos and catching foolishness. Just don’t watch em with the lady is around or if you want to keep your job.

Act like you don’t remember the Nelly Tip Drill video…

And thats just a taaaste.
Now it might catch you off guard if you wasssssn’t ready. But in all honest I had a feeling that these videos were coming. In reality, 2 Live Crew started this shit in the early 90s on spring break making your sister drop it low:

Now its 2010 and youtube has lost their goddamn minds. See this is exactly why I don’t want a daughter, but I know I’ll be blessed with one. My nephew informed me about all the ass shaking videos that him and his boys watch while they’re supposed to be learning shit in high school. As a future educator (Yes…I know) I realize that kids aren’t even interested in anything I’ve got to say. So he informed me that if you type in the search any combination off booty, shaking, ass, twerkin, and the like you’ll get hundreds of hits.

…He wasn’t bullshitin.

Whats the world coming to? These kids can access these videos anywhere with 3g and wifi. But when I was 15 I had to stay up till 2am? Man thats bullshit. At least there’s always the infamous Whooty:

Going to this video is like ordering a Bud Light at the bar when your already tore up and can’t think of anything that sounds good, but u want to go to something you can rely on thats still cheap but in good taste…

.whew back to blogging.


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5 thoughts on “Ass Shaking Videos vs. BET Uncut

  1. danger says:

    i think the most impressive thing about all of this is that they were able to stretch tip drill over 6 minutes long. gaddamn

  2. thedkalife says:

    And here I come to this blog post, pressing play on the first video thinking…oh, I already know what video I’ma bout to post….Dirty by Christina Aguilera.

    You put my teenage dream to shame…. goodwork.

    And for all of you that want it. Here.

  3. Benny H says:

    Isn’t it safe to include this fine ass shaking classic??? Doesn’t beat Nelly, but this song’s title alone should include it on the list……

  4. losewinz says:

    Uncut had more than booty videos. They also had misplaced videos that they wouldn’t show at other times. Might Casey was one of my faves

  5. Royal says:

    Mighty Casey FTW!!!!

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