Sunday School Part 004

Haven’t dropped this heavy since I smashed a grande meal at taco bell. Feelin generous, enjoy the week in hip-hop.

Like to start of by biggin up Biggie Smalls. Its been 12 years since he died, really puts things into perspective with the whole hip-hop game and life in general. There has never been a “greatest rapper” discussion without his name coming up in it. In my opinion, Biggie had the illest lyrics and flow EVER, but I could be Dead Wrong. He wasn’t always coming with the best content and I kinda feel like once he got into the more mainstream stuff he wasn’t coming with the same rawness he came with when he was a hungry kid slangin on the corner tryin to make a dollar. Regardless he had a multitude of hits, influenced countless other artists and was the undisputed king of New York for his short but illustrious career. RIP BIG.

Biggie was from the past and the future, even the fuhrer got at him.

Stayin on the topic of Kings of New York, I came across this dope ass article about the Nas and Jay-Z beef over at Kevin Nottingham’s blog. Dude pretty much broke down the entirety of the beef, track by track. I’ve always felt that if anyone could take down Jay, it would have been Nas. When the beef was over I had mixed feelings, mostly because that’s when both Nas and Jay put out there worst albums but things started getting on the up and up and it was really an important moment in hip-hop. Big ups Kevin Nottingham, hip-hop head of 2008.

The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy

There is talk that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube will be collaborating soon. Not on an album but on “Straight Outta Compton” the N.W.A documentary. Not sure how I feel about it right now, I’m sure they’re going to make Easy E out to be a little bitch in it, hopefully Ice Cube doesn’t turn it into First Sunday. There has also been word that T.I. is ghostwriting tracks on Dre’s Detox album which is scheduled to be released never.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are gonna make a record together now, Polo the Don producing it… and I really didn’t want to get into Chris Brown today… pause. Anyway the whole situation is re-god-damn-diculous. Apparently the text from the women Chris had past relations with is his old ass manager chick Tina Davis. The entire week in day time television has been dedicated to preventing women’s violence and Oprah and Tyra and whoever else had been talkin bout it this week. I haven’t really taken a side on the whole situation, it would have been great if it didn’t happen, but we do need the Bobby and Whitney of the new millennium.

50 cent put out Rick Ross old girl sex tape. NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but damn sure watch it later. Brooke can get it, right on that RR.

Michael Jackson got like 30 shows in England, not really hip-hop news but Mike is back and he’s coming to get it… in the butt….

Just for kicks, Mr. Rogers breakin. B-Boys STAND UP

I’d like to leave ya’ll with some tracks. I love mash ups and blends, especially if they take a terrible song and put it over one I love. Instant classics:

Ted Smooth – Jumpin Out the Window Remix
DJ Meta 4 – Pop Champagne Remix

Need to figure out how to get audio embedded smh. Cap, get at me internet wiz kid

I Still need to cop that Dream and J. Holiday, is em good?

(last weeks review)

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5 thoughts on “Sunday School Part 004

  1. gerken says:

    Mr. Rogers >>> winning.
    Dude was WAY ahead of the times, son!

  2. Royal says:

    Nike Cortez + Adidas track suit = 1980’s hardbody.
    Someone shoulda let him know bout that mashup before they started film!
    You know what…
    NOBODY rocked cardigans harder the Mr. Rogers.

  3. Drama says:

    Royal is a close 2nd on the cardigan game. fact

  4. Royal says:

    Royal does go in on Cardigans.

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